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Classic Appetizers

  • Chips & Salsa

    • Do wyboru: Homemade tortilla chips served with Salsa Fresca and Cheese Salsa14,-
    • Basket of tortilla chips10,-
    • Guacamole Small5,-
    • Guacamole For sharing14,-
    • Salsa Fresca9,-
    • Cheese Salsa9,-
  • Cactus Combo Plate

    • Wings of Fire, Chicken Filo, Pepper Poppers, Chicken Taquitas, Cactus Quesadillas, Potato Skins. Served with Ranch sauce and Salsa Fresca49,-
  • Pepper Poppers

    • Crispy coated jalapenos, fiilled with cheese, fried until golden. Served with Ranch sauce14,-
  • Mini Nachos Montana

    • Our homemade tortilla chips baked with Chili Con Carne and cheese. Served with sour cream, marinated jalapeno and Salsa Fresca19,-
  • Wings Of Fire

    • Spicy and crispy chicken wings coated in our homemade Louisiana sauce, served with parsley and carrots
    • Do wyboru: Traditional American Ranch sauce19,-
    • Blue cheese22,-
  • Grilled Habanero Shrimp

    • Grilled tail-on shrimp marinated with habanero, garlic and fresh herbs. Served on crispy flour tortilla and traditional American Ranch sauce27,-
  • Chicken Filo Triangles

    • Grilled chicken breast, cream cheese, capers, olives and fresh herbs, all rolled in delicate filo pastry and fried until golden. Served with a coriander-lime sauce19,-
  • Mini Cactus Quesadillas

    • Flour tortillas filled with cheddar cheese. Served with

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    • Do wyboru: Salsa Fresca12,-
    • Grilled chicken16,-
    • Shrimp19,-
  • Potato Skins

    • Baked potato halves filled with melted cheese and crispy bacon, topped with sour cream22,-