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  • Cowboy soup

    • Flavorful bulion with pieces of beef, asparagus, garlic, ancho peppers and smoked goats cheese18,-
  • Pastrami and asparagus quesadilla

    • Two flour tortillas filled with pastrami, aspatagus, soft cheese and marinated jalapeno. Served with rancher salsa19,-
  • Lynchburg lemonade

    • Jack Daniel's, triple sec, lime juice, lemonade27,-
  • Asparagus con queso

    • Asparagus broiled with cream sauce and soft cheese. Finished with Gran Padano cheese and corn tortillla flakes19,-
  • Lemon-Juniper Daiquiri

    • Sous vide prepared rum with lemon and juniper, Southern Comfort Lime, mango spice sirup, Angostura, lime juice25,-
  • Asparagus filo triangles

    • Filo pastry filled with asparagus, cream cheese, bue cheese. Served with a mango salsa19,-
  • Coriander Margarita

    • 25,-
  • Smoked Brisket

    • Served on asparagus with young herby potatoes and jalapeno salsa46,-
  • Jack Cherry

    • Sous vide prepared Jack Daniel's with cherries, St. Germain, lime juice, simple sirup, egg whites, angostura29,-
  • Grilled sea bream

    • Served on asparagus with jalapeno salsa, ranchera salsa, mango salsa and guacamole52,-
  • Guava Margarita

    • 25,-
  • Chocolate chip cookies

    • Three chocolate cookies with mango mousse and vanilla ice cream21,-