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What is Tex Mex cuisine?

Tex Mex cuisine is a cuisine of Texas and Northern Mexico borderline. The name comes from a combination of the words "Texas" and "Mexico". An interesting fact is that the origin of the name comes not from culinary but rail area. Tex-Mex is the name of the popular railway line leading from Texas to Mexico.

It uses the ingredients characteristic for Mexico. The way of preparing is simplified to the point that it is even said that it is: "Mexican food for the gringo". Mexican cuisine is one of the most varied cuisines in the world. Mexico is the country of many cultures, languages, customs, traditions and tastes. The huge heritage of the Indians and stong European influences form a truly explosive mixture. It combines the influence of Spanish, French and American cuisines. Originally this cuisine was based on beans, corn, chili, tomatoes, fish and turkey meat. Later, it has been gradually enriched with wheat, beef, onion and garlic imported by the Spaniards and French. As a result of this connection, the new dishes and recipes were created.

A distinctive features of Mexican cuisine are aromatic, spicy blend of herbs and spices that give the dish the flavor and aroma, but also act as preservatives and stimulate the apetite weakened during hot weather.

The element, which links the food is, without a doubt, their crisp, tangy taste and an intense aroma, which is owed to a number of spices: chili, Cayenne pepper, garlic, onions, sweet peppers, oregano, cumin, coriander, cloves. In the cuisins, the leaders are beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers and grilled meats (beef, poultry), and fish. A large amount of valuable fiber is found in over 20 species of beans. They are served with aromatic herbs, meat sauce or paste.

Why is 10% added as a service?

We are transparent for our guests. We do not hide the service included in the price of meals as it is practiced by the vast majority of the capital restaurants. We show it honestly in the accounts. The service added to account goes not only to the waiter. It is  distributed in 100 % among the entire team and goes to the staff of the bar, kitchen, reception. We are committed to facilitate and streamline the process for our guests. Added service is intended to facilitate and streamline the entire transaction. Of course, in the case of unsatisfactory experience a guest has the right to contest its legitimacy.

Which type of events you can arrange?

Our twenty years of experience allowed us to specialize in the specific types of events. Social events with music, buffet and open bars are our differentiator. We can also boast of being the pioneers in the organization of the culinary and bartending workshops. The dinners for 20-40 people are also perfect. Family gatherings, weddings and communions is a natural complement to our portfolio.

Is the cuisine severe and unhealthy?

Tex  – Mex is a variable cuisine. It contains light items (salsa, salads, wege) as well as caloric items like burrito, enchilada, fajita. The ingredients of this cuisine are some of the healthier. Peppers, with positive for capsaicin health, avocado, tomatoes, coriander, beans, corn - do not require additional recommendations. Techniques such as grilling and smoking allow us to bring out the best taste of the meat prepared by us.

What kinds of dishes and cocktails is this place famous for?

Blue Cactus, for 20 years, has developed a whole list of iconic dishes and cocktails. We take care that our recipes are respected on a constant and repetitive level. Our definite and timeless hit are our Fajitsas, Enchiladas, a combination of Tex Mex snacks, Chili Con CArne, Smoked BBQ ribs, steaks and burgers. Among the soups, the clear and timeless hit is Corn Cream and Tomato Cream, with addition of Tequila. Salsas: Fresca, Verde and Guacamole have been the winners for years in their category. Among cocktails, the leaders invariably Strawberry Margarita and Classic Margarita as well as Mojito and the cocktails prepared with Bourbon.  

Is it possible to arrange a conference with us?

Yes, We have space for this type of organisation of events for 100 people. We have the infrastructure. The clear advantage is our location in Mokotów and a parking, which can accommodate more than 30 cars.

Is it true that you have the largest selection of tequila in Warsaw?

Our bar is consistent with the theme of the restaurant. Tequila in the Tex-Mex cuisine is firmly established. We have been striving for years to cause that the choice of alcohol in this category would be the largest in Poland and we have to say that we are probably successful. Currently, we have more than 50 kinds of tequila and mezcal. The bosses of our bar keep up with the new brands appearing on the market, and if they are only on the appropriate level of quality, they can be found on our shelves.

Are you a place which is friendly for families and children?

Families with children have been our apple in the eye for 20 years. Our location is great for weekend outgoings for walks to Morskie Oko Park or Park Łazienkowski. We have space for children, respectively prepared staff and weekend activities for children. The menu includes a section for children. From November to March 2017 we implement new project, which goal is to increase the popularity of our brand among families. The project assumes that children's menu is served to children at the expense of the company if the parents order a meal from the menu.

Are you friendly for animals?

We are friendly. The animals have always ideal conditions in the garden in the summer. The bowls with water and a space are great for stopping by with the dogs during walks through the Morskie Oko Park.

Do you organize weddings and baptisms?

Yes. The wedding receptions and other occasions of family meetings are treated with due care. Iguana Room is able to accommodate, in a summer season, up to 250 people in case of a wedding reception, Its unique design causes that it enjoys a great interest among the guests looking for a unique space with excellent cuisine.